This is the diary of a pissed-off toff.

That is pretty self-explanatory. But let me expand a little.

By birth, education and upbringing, I am what they call a toff. Furthermore, I am more or less permanently pissed-off about everything.

“Everything?” I hear you say.

Yes, jolly nearly everything. Not just the ever-more-numerous trials and tribulations of daily life in England; not just the infinitely depressing spectacle of my own country going down the tube while we all look on impotently; but also the fact that I am broke, dispossessed, and increasingly alienated from almost every aspect of the modern world.

“I say, aren’t you exaggerating a bit?” you ask.

Not really. Anyhow, this is my diary. Or, if you prefer, the fulminations of a pissed-off toff who wonders whether it is he or the world that has gone stark raving mad …

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Am I upper class?

Pissed-off Toff ponders on a question of some importance … Many years ago, at Eton, I became friends with a chap called Alexander Elliot. Later, at Oxford, he threw himself … Keep Reading

Pissed-off Toff
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Sack this agony aunt, now!

Yes! Sack Mary Killen!! Sack the worst agony aunt ever, this moment!!! It is perhaps unwise of me to write this in the early hours of the morning, having woken … Keep Reading

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Pissed-off Toff
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Language – like – evolves?

Pissed-off Toff explores the recent phenomenon of the ubiquitous filler word ‘like’. Having come down from Cambridge in the early 1980s, my friend Johnny settled and married in Italy. He … Keep Reading

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Who wants to be human?

As the winter solstice approaches, and as the yuletide festivities remind us of what marvels can occur, Pissed-off Toff announces to the world that he self-identifies as a trans-species parrot. For … Keep Reading

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The Riot Club

Pissed-off Toff reviews a fairly recent film called The Riot Club, in which more-or-less upper-class undergraduates at Oxford are portrayed as being not only beyond the pale in every way, … Keep Reading

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Oligarchs are good for you!

As the international super-rich devour London, and as they turn their greedy eyes to the rest of our country, some economists insist that we should celebrate. Pissed-off Toff marvels at … Keep Reading

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