This is the diary of a pissed-off toff.

That is pretty self-explanatory. But let me expand a little.

By birth, education and upbringing, I am what they call a toff. Furthermore, I am more or less permanently pissed-off about everything.

“Everything?” I hear you say.

Yes, jolly nearly everything. Not just the ever-more-numerous trials and tribulations of daily life in England; not just the infinitely depressing spectacle of my own country going down the tube while we all look on impotently; but also the fact that I am broke, dispossessed, and increasingly alienated from almost every aspect of the modern world.

“I say, aren’t you exaggerating a bit?” you ask.

Not really. Anyhow, this is my diary. Or, if you prefer, the fulminations of a pissed-off toff who wonders whether it is he or the world that has gone stark raving mad …

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Pissed-off Toff
Posted on in Big Issues

Alcoholism is not a disease

Pissed-off Toff argues that alcoholism is not a disease … but that drink is certainly a demon. A few months ago my life in England collapsed. With all my possessions … Keep Reading

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Pissed-off Toff
Posted on in Language Watch

Language – like – evolves?

Pissed-off Toff explores the recent phenomenon of the ubiquitous filler word ‘like’. Having come down from Cambridge in the early 1980s, my friend Johnny settled and married in Italy. He … Keep Reading

Posted on in PC Watch

Who wants to be human?

As the winter solstice approaches, and as the yuletide festivities remind us of what marvels can occur, Pissed-off Toff announces to the world that he self-identifies as a trans-species parrot. For … Keep Reading

Posted on in Reviews

The Riot Club

Pissed-off Toff reviews a fairly recent film called The Riot Club, in which more-or-less upper-class undergraduates at Oxford are portrayed as being not only beyond the pale in every way, … Keep Reading

Posted on in Big Issues

Oligarchs are good for you!

As the international super-rich devour London, and as they turn their greedy eyes to the rest of our country, some economists insist that we should celebrate. Pissed-off Toff marvels at … Keep Reading

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