Pissed-off Toff

Customer service, Sainsbury’s style

in And for a Laugh...

The cheek of a Sainsbury’s employee left Pissed-off Toff more amused than annoyed.

A few days ago I was due to have an elderly friend to dinner.

Knowing that her favourite tipple is sherry, I made my way to my local Sainsbury’s, a vast temple of consumerism where everything is available. However, after a reasonably thorough search in the wines-and-spirits department, I remained empty-handed. I therefore turned to a boy who was stacking bottles nearby.

“Excuse me,” I said. “Can you tell me where the sherry is?”

“I’ve got no idea,” he replied. And without further ado, he returned to his work.

“Well,” I replied, as I walked away, “at least that’s an honest answer.”

And at least, I reflected shortly afterwards, he called me ‘Sir’, not ‘mate’. This, I suppose, was due to the fact that I was wearing a decent overcoat and a smart scarf.

It is all too easy to be annoyed by the trials of modern life. But there was something about the sheer cheek of this Sainsbury’s employee that was rather amusing. Indeed, it almost made my day.



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