Quiz – a tenner for the right answer

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Pissed-off Toff offers a life-changing £10 note, posted first class, to the first reader who correctly answers the following question.

The building on the corner (see photo) is in Elvaston Place, London SW7, opposite where my father lived when he was a quite exceptionally good-looking young man-about-town.


What was the name and function of the establishment – well-known among Army officers from the better London-based regiments – which it housed in the 1950s (and I think in the early 1960s too)?

A tenner for the first reader who sends me the right answer … after which, I’ll publish it, along with a nice little anecdote.

PS. However flattering it is to have readers abroad (one of the hideously sophisticated programs attached to this website tells me that I do), and however much one might wish to avoid the marketing-speak on packets of breakfast cereal … this offer applies to the UK only.

PPS. I say this because I happen to have a reader in South Africa – ex-SAS and an excellent fellow – who might well know the answer. And I don’t want to post a tenner to him, partly because it would mean queueing up at the Post Office with the local underclass, numerous hereabouts and all ugly and repulsive, their useless lives fully funded by people who actually get up in the morning and, um, go to work … and partly because the letter almost certainly would not reach its destination.

PPPS. Though, come to think of it, if he does get the right answer, I’ll post the tenner to his son at Eton. Now that’s an idea. See if you can get there first, Colin. A tenner is yours …

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