Christmas card ... with nice message attached

Diary 10: Happy Christmas

in Diary

In a rare moment of goodwill, Pissed-off Toff wishes his readers a very Happy Christmas.

Dear readers,

Thank you for following Pissed-off Toff over the last year.

I can’t say that it has been much fun. But as one of my readers pointed out, PoT thrives on disaster. And disaster is what we are heading for, that’s for sure.

In the meantime, Happy Christmas, with a photograph of one of the two things that keeps me going nowadays: the grand piano.

The other thing is my friends. Without them I would be truly lost.

Please expect, within a few days, my succinct analysis of quite how awful the position is, into which we have worked ourselves.

With any luck some of my friends, the richer ones especially, will, for the next few years, avoid destruction. But destruction is what is coming, mark my words. And we have brought it upon ourselves, through cowardice, weakness and stupidity.

Which might, I suppose, be the story of my own most-privileged life. So I know what I am talking about.

Drink champagne, friends … while it lasts. Because we are doomed. And it is all our own fault.

All love … tante belle cose (that’s a good expression, BTW, and one that will impress your well-heeled Italian friends if you use it as a form of ‘goodbye’ at the end of a telephone conversation) …

Oh! … and with the language lesson, I almost forgot: Happy Christmas.


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