Pissed-off Toff

‘Diversity’? So where are the white people?

in PC Watch

Pissed-off Toff dares to express a few illicit doubts about ‘diversity’, and wonders where all the white people have gone.

Are you as fed up with ‘diversity’ as I am, and with having it rammed down your throat, day after day? There’s sexual diversity (or is it called ‘gender diversity’ nowadays?), which you can’t get away from however hard you try, and which means that we must all get excited about the dozen-odd ‘gender identities’ which, apparently, exist.

Then, of course, there’s ethnic diversity. The tired narrative, repeated endlessly in the ‘liberal’ press and on the BBC, is that all white people are colonialists, racists, former slave-owners guilty of historical crimes which we should never be allowed to forget and for which we must pay, for eternity. Actually, we don’t really deserve to exist, at all. Plus: British society is appallingly racist, sexist (et cetera et cetera) and un-diverse, and we must have more diversity, more more more, ad infinitum.

As has been clear for a while, the basic urges of the cult of ‘diversity’ are self-doubt and self-hatred, combined with a dangerous dose of globalist utopianism. However, if modern British society is so very un-diverse, I’m wondering how that tallies with the following quite normal experience, which I give as an example of many other similar ones.

Earlier this weekend, wishing to try and forget for one moment my visceral loathing of our ghastly Prime Minister, I hit on the idea of going out to purchase a bottle of vodka; and I therefore made my way to my local Sainsbury’s somewhere in central London.

Among the numerous staff in this enormous retail outlet, there was not one single person with white skin; not one single person whose origins, ethnically speaking, were European … let alone British. I checked, thoroughly. Everyone was totally, totally ‘diverse’. So were the languages they spoke among themselves.

Don’t get me wrong. They are marvellous people. And some of the girls were seriously attractive, too.

But back to my point. Which is: in the age of ‘diversity’, where have all the white people gone?

Perhaps – whisper it silently – it might now be ‘appropriate’, or at least not ‘inappropriate’ (God forbid!), in strictly limited places and in carefully approved circumstances, monitored and vetted by the relevant Government-appointed authorities, to reintroduce, here and there, a few white people?

In the interests of … um … ‘diversity’?


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