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A new flag for the EU

Pissed-off Toff unveils a new flag for the EU. On the day when we should finally have left the EU, I unveil a new flag for this sclerotic and anti-democratic … Keep Reading

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This green advert makes me see red

Pissed-off Toff rails against an advertisment which simultaneously pays full obeisance to the ‘diversity’ agenda and to the ‘man-made-global-warming’ myth. Famously, Evelyn Waugh once wrote that you read newspapers when … Keep Reading

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An encounter with the spirit world

Pissed-off Toff brings you photographs, taken by himself and shown here for the first time, of what even sceptical physicists think can only be manifestations of the spirit world. As … Keep Reading

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Brexit – a killer of friendships

Pissed-off Toff bemoans the terrible effect that Brexit is having on friendships, and reflects that in this debate, it is the so-called ‘liberals’ who are the least liberal. I write … Keep Reading

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